Tuesday, November 2, 2010

KCK denies any connections with the Istanbul suicide attack

01 November 2010

Nothing to do with Istanbul attack, says KCK

The Executive Committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Confederation KCK issued a press release concerning the yesterday's attack in Istanbul and denied any connection with it.

The statement as follows: “Our struggle is going through a historic period. The ceasefire which had been declared on 31 October upon the call from our leader is extended until general elections. As our movement is preparing itself to take historic steps in accordance with the calls from our leader it is out of question to conduct such an attack.

The attack does not fit our strategy and methods and it is out of question for any troops of us to have realized such an attack. Despite this fact some sources are launching the attacks as is it has been carried out by us which does not reflect the truth at all. Moreover, such an attack in which it is likely for the civilians to get hurt, definitely cannot be our style.“