Tuesday, September 21, 2010

IHD urges an adequate investigation on Hakkari attack

Human Rights Association in Turkey (IHD) published a report regarding the road-side bomb attack on van carrying villager in Peyanis village of Hakkari which took place on 16 September and claimed lived of 9 civilians.

IHD following its mission to Hakkari and meeting the vice governor Davut Sinanoğlu and the mayor Fadıl Bedirhanoğlu prepared a report on the incident.

While unveiling the report to the press IHD representative Ali Akinci said the state officials failed to conduct a through investigation regarding the incident and immediately laid the blame on the PKK. “The officials without collecting evidence, listening to the eyewitnesses and investigating alleged involvement of the security forces reached the conclusion that the attack was carried out by the Kurdish guerrillas. In the past in relation to similar incidents in Semdinli, Elazig and Cukurca the officials performed a similar approach however later it was found out that the military was behind these incidents. The current approach of the officials reminds these incidents.” added Akinci.

Reminding the fact that there 3 military outposts and watch towers of the village guards are very close to the scene, that the attack took place in day light at 9 o’clock in the morning, that two bag full of military equipment belongs to the Turkish Army found 100 meters away from the scene, that unlike other ambushes military started no operation after the incident in order to catch the perpetrators IHD urged the officials to launch an efficient and prejudice-free investigation regarding the incident.

Reminding similar incidents carried out by the Gendarmerie Intelligence Service (JITEM) IHD representative Ali Akinci said: “The families of the victims are expecting an investigation. In order to prevent such right to life violations this country need brave prosecutors and politicians so that incident can be enlightened.”