Monday, September 27, 2010

DTK delegation set off to meet imprisoned Kurdish leader Ocalan

Co-chair of Democratic Society Congress (DTK), Aysel Tuğluk has set off this morning to Imrali island where she hopes to be allowed to see Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan who is detained in the island since 1999.

DTK has stated in the past week its will to go and see Ocalan as well as other parties to try pushing forward a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question. Last week the meeting in Imrali was prevented by a storm.

Co-chair of the Democratic Society Congress (DTK) Ahmet Türk had spoken before about the “Autonomous Kurdistan" as a "project accepted as the base for the solution. It is the project for living together”. DTK also defined the ceasefire by PKK as a historical opportunity not to be missed and urged the Turkish state bring an end to the military and political operations. The PKK has extended its unilateral ceasefire by a week, saying it would release a new statement.

Türk had called in the past weeks for steps in order to create trust so that the negotiations can start. He also stated that preparing a new democratic constitution, releasing the unlawfully arrested Kurdish politicians and peace group members as well as reducing the election threshold will be the on the top of the list.