Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beware of Iranian regime’s evil plots in Kurdistan - By Baqi Barzani

The emergence of Kurdish autonomous administration (KRG) in Iraqi Kurdistan is irrefutably one of the most momentous economic, political and security phenomenon that has had profound impacts on the balance of the regional powers. It has equally triggered off an alarm bell among the beleaguering hostile regimes and reminds them of the astounding nightmares of previous popular Kurdish uprisings. It symbolizes our emancipation from the hands of tyranny, colonialism, and totalitarianism. It connotes the message of peace, human rights and democracy. It is the omen of coming into existence of hope for all other demoralized nations of the world struggling for their self-rule.

Initially underestimated, and now seeing its clout expanding day after day, Kurdistan’s rival bordering countries have consistently been resorting to joint, varied inconceivable plots to disturb and disrupt its order and evolution. Kurds all over the world have stood up to champion their own rights. Occupying regimes can no longer refuse to divest them of their fundamental rights. They can no long christen them “Mountainous Turks”.

Kurdistan strategic geo-political position is vital to the entire Middle East, especially Iran. A made in USA product of 1979 manufactured to thwart the spillover of only then threat of soviet communism, the irreversible Iran soon turned out to be a major security dilemma for the US and her allies, as well. Deeply concerned about Kurdish insubordination and total denunciation of its anti-Kurdish religious fascist regime, Iranian fanatic extremist regime tried everything in its reach to export its venomous theocratic Islamic ideology to Kurdistan. Discerning that it has failed to achieve its goals of imposing its false beliefs and dismounting its evil agenda since last seven years, it has intensified its direct meddling in Kurdistan internal affairs by attempting to nurture the seeds of conflict and schism among Kurdish masses and dissimilar political parties in Kurdistan through its agents and proxies, especially in the wake of US pulling out a fraction of its combat troops in the region. Crystallization of unparalleled Kurdish-Israeli, Kurdish-western and post-liberation US-KRG burgeoning ties have prompted Tehran to try to brood over sabotaging the existing alliance and undermine the global legitimacy and credibility of our government.

Iranian anti-western terrorist activities and rhetoric continue to multiply in Kurdistan. Recently, the Islamic Republic disseminated pamphlets, condemning the burning of Muslim holy book in a futile bid to rally support for its insurgency and sully Kurdish image worldwide. Iran, Turkey and Syria aim to instigate unrest in Kurdistan. They would be very joyful to perceive the reiteration of another internal feud among the Kurds if they could.

KRG should be sentient regarding the growing espionages and sabotage breeding nests (consulates, educational, cultural institutions and financial establishments) of the phony Islamic Republic of Iran noiselessly functioning to destabilize South Kurdistan and trying to provoke Kurdish citizens for its own behind-the-scene agendas.

A regime that has established , trained and funded and continues to finance terrorist groups in order to destabilize Kurdish economy and democracy in South Kurdistan, a regime that continues hanging our intellectual youths on a daily basis solely for couching their views in Eastern Kurdistan, a regime that has martyred our leaders in the name of peace negotiations, a regime that by design inked mutual defense agreements with Turkey to destroy our freedom-seeking Kurdish masses in North Kurdistan, a regime that has forged radical ties with the uncompromising Baathist Syrian regime to muzzle the democratic voices of Kurds in Western Kurdistan, a regime that dubs us the enemies of “ god and state”, a regime that strips us of our most inherent fundamental rights due to our sectarian and ethnic origin,www.ekurd.neta regime that continues shelling our villages indiscriminately, a regime whose state-owned media outlets overtly vilify Kurdish liberation movements and brand the Kurds in Eastern Kurdistan as “ traitors ” , and a regime that held, hold and will hold no clemency and if empowered and allowed , it will not refuse to shed the blood of our people by deliberately setting alight disunity among us, should by no means be trusted, nor be considered a friend of Kurds and Kurdistan. It is imperative for Kurdish political parties to further strengthen alliance among themselves instead of depending on such foreign regimes like Iran. Iran’s ultimate goal is the enfeebling and if plausible, the destruction of KRG.

Admitting and rectifying our past missteps and bearing the brunt equally by both citizens and state is a key condition to achieve a prosperous, democratic and more tolerant Kurdistan. To thwart enemy plots, publics concerns and criticisms should be addressed accordingly in order to reduce opposition to the government and prevent it from widening, turning into a more serious issue. Kurdish political parties should overcome their trivial disagreements through dialogue and rationale, bearing in mind the interests of the nation and the trust of public they have earned and represent. They should be willing to engage opposition and other smaller parties in the political process, propagation and rebuilding efforts of the nation instead of excluding them. Sincere and constructive criticism should not be confounded and misconstrued with lake of care and patriotism. Dissident views, critic voices, intellectual reform bids should be respected and tolerated and educated individuals should be enticed to return to homeland to serve their nation to bring into being a more proficient and experienced younger generation for tomorrow, not incarcerated.

Strong patriotism and national unity is what will lead to Kurdish emancipation from enslavement, suppression and subjugation in any part of Kurdistan. Cooperation and coordination among all constituents of the government and elements and institutions in the society is key to further developing and strengthening our homeland.

Iran has failed to implement its evil plots in Kurdistan owing to our people’s perception and awakening. The Kurds are aware of their enemies striving in vain to disunite them by creating tribal, clan, regional, factional, sectarian or religious rifts among them. Our people should remain extremely observant and cautious about the evil plans of the enemies of Kurd and Kurdistan, especially Iran. Iran has never been and will never be a reliable partner. Every Iranian successive regime has been opposed to acknowledging the rights of Kurdish nation in any part of Kurdistan.