Monday, July 26, 2010

Tension between Iranian government and the parliament

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Monday, 26 July 2010

TEHRAN, Iran – Quarrel between the Iranian fabricated parliament and Ahmadinajad’s government escalated to a large extent due to their mutual failure to approve, implement and practice the laws. The parliament’s responsibility is to approve and enact the laws which must be practiced by the government.

Ali Larijani the head of Iranian parliament has fiercely criticised Ahmadinajad’s government
for its failure to implement the laws already enacted by the parliament.
Moreover, Abbas Ali Kedkhody stated that the failure to practice the laws approved by
the parliament is not legal.

These statements were released one day after Muhammad Reza Khabbaz’s accusation of the government for its refusal to implement the laws. Mr Khabaz is a member of parliament’s approval group who has announced that Ahmadnajad, the Iranian President, is not practicing the Iranian constitutional laws.

Accordingly, Ali Larijani has condemned Ahmadinjad for not respecting the laws and informed him if Ahmadinjad insist to continue on this trend, Larijani will expose him to the public.
In the last few months the fissure between the parliament and the government has widened to an extent that has caused Khamanaei, top Iranian leader, to interfere in the countries crises.