Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Six arrests in ten days in al-Raqqa, Syria July 27, 2010

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According to Syrian Human Rights Committee

Ibrahim Mamed Mahmud
Mohamed Ayoub Tammo
Mohammad Khalil Ayoub
Hajji Rashid Othman
Walid Rashid Othman
Masood Rashid Othman

They were detained after early morning raids, without warrants, and no information was given about which unit the forces came from, or where the detainees were to be taken.
Since the shootings at al-Raqqa at the Newroz event in March 2010, dozens of people have been arrested. Some of them were transferred to the branches of the intelligence services in the capital Damascus, and some to Adra central prison in Damascus. Families of the detainees are not kept informed and cannot find information about where their relatives are being kept, or about their health.
There is information that those who have been transferred to Adra prison are living in very bad conditions, and are being pressured to make false confessions that they were involved in the Newroz events.
No-one has yet been held to account for the shooting in March 2010. There is clearly a vendetta of intimidation and arrests to terrorise Kurds in al-Raqqa.
Syrian Human Rights Committee – MAD, al-Raqqa
23 March 2010