Friday, July 30, 2010

Ocalan: Either solution or self-determination

Friday, 30 July 2010

IMPRALI PRISON, Turkey, -- Lawyers of the Kurdish national leader Abdullah Ocalan visited him in his solitary confinement in Imrali Prison on Wednesday 28th July. In the course if his visit Ocalan said that the Kurds have their own alternatives and will be able to manage their own afair if need be. Ocalan also stated that his health condition is deteriorating.
In regard to referendum boycotting of BDP (Kurdish Democracy and Peace Party) Ocalan said what BDP should be arguing as to whether the existence of the Kurds in Turkey is recognized by the Turkish officials and it is the matter of existence or non existence for the Kurds. Ocalan further said that the question must be considered together with its historical background and it should be born in the mind that how the Kurds were deceived after the independence war following the foundation of Turkish Republic.
In relation to the peace talks Ocalan said negotiating has a vital role on the way to the solution. However, suspending the clashes and creating a suitable atmosphere for discussion is equally important. Ocalan reiterated his proposal for gathering the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) armed forces the under supervision of the UN if suitable conditions were met.
Ocalan also stated that his previous warnings about the escalation of the clashes in big cities have been manipulated and launched as threats. He said he was only drawing the attention of the officials about what might happen if the problem remains unsolved. While giving the unrest in Inegol and Dortyol as example Ocalan said the clashes in cities unlike the clashes in the mounts have grave consequences and might claim more lives.
The Kurdish national leader also said that his warnings apply to both the state and the PKK. He added that he is concerned about what might happen in the future. He said neither the PKK nor the Turkish government understand his warnings properly but both sides should see the reality that they are both standing on the sharp side of the knife which will eventually cut both sides.
Ocalan drew the attention on the poverty and hard life that both Turkish and Kurdish people are suffering. He stated that both the Turkish state and the PKK should start negotiating and find a solution for the problem.
From his solitary confinement, Ocalan said that he is still influential over the Kurdish people and the Kurdish guerrillas and he is ready to play his role for the solution if he is given the suitable conditions and opportunity. Ocalan further stated that to play such a role he needs the Turkish parliament to make special legal amendments like it is done in other countries.
Either solution or self-determination
The Kurdish national leader claimed that if a solution does not happen then the Kurds manage their own affair. He is also showing the example of Kosovo which can be an example for the Kurds. Ocalan reminds that the Kurds want to live with Turk under equals conditions however; if they are deprived of their rights then they have right to self-determination.
Ocalan said that the Kurds in Iraq should be aware of the fact that the USA is acting in accordance with its own interest and once they leave Iraq the Kurds will be under danger. Therefore, they should act wisely. In regard to the Kurdish national congress, Ocalan said a Palestine Liberation Organization-like structure will be useful for the Kurds: Not only armed forces but also diplomacy. He also proposed that African National Congress can be inspiring for the Kurds.