Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kurds disappear in the Syrian prison system for nine months

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July 27, 2010 by sks
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Syrian Human Rights Committee – MAD reports that on 22 July 2010, Manal Ibrahim and Rojhat Mustafa were transferred to the court of the military judge in Aleppo, following their arrest on 15 October 2009. These women had been unaccounted for since their arrest by the Political Security branch in Aleppo.
Aref Mohammad Shekho, born 1953 in Afrin, was arrested one and a half months ago in the Afrin area, after being summoned by the security forces. His fate is still unknown. He was previously a member of the provincial council.
Syrian Human Rights Committee – MAD condemns the arbitrary arrest and violation of constitution and laws in Syria. We call for the release of these three people, and all prisoners of opinion and conscience in Syrian prisons, for the ending of the state of emergency and the lifting of martial law in the country.
Syrian Human Rights Committee – MAD
26 July 2010
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