Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kurdistan’s nature continuously set on fire

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Eastern Kurdistan – According to Shenidar news agency, most jungles of Kurdistan are incessantly set on fire by the Iranian Authorities with the pretext of having PJAK’S guerrillas hidden in there. As a result of the firing more than 2500 hectares of Sine’s forests have been destroyed; in addition, the jungles of Meriwan and Kamyaran have also been burned in fire.
Despite the fact that the jungles of the most of Kurdish regions have been burned in fire, the Iranian government has not attempted to extinguish and even did not let civilians to quench the fire.
Accordingly, last week some groups such as green savers, students and social activists had endeavoured to oblige the Iranian regime either to extinguish the fire or let these groups to do it. Nevertheless, the Iranian savage regime neither extinguishes the fire nor let the others o do it.