Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kurdish man’s wife and brother imprisoned in his place, in Syria


July 27, 2010 by sks
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Jiyan Fattah, aged 24, married to Abdul Rahman Bashir Ibrahim is the mother of two young children. Her home was raided by Syrian intelligence security on 25 November 2009. She has been arrested because her husband escaped from prison. Her husband made a deal with an official Mahmoud al-Ageel, first assistant in Hassaka prison, that in return for a bribe of $30,000 he would be allowed to escape.
Kurdnas has been informed that Mahmoud al-Ageel reports that the police commander in Hassaka is a major partner, and the mastermind in this deal. The reason given was that Abdul Rahman Bashir Ibrahim needed to see his family in Deyrona Akhe where he was born. When they took him home to collect the money, he and the intelligence security forces with him had a good meal together (not in the deal). He gave the money to the security officials, and he then disappeared and the patrols went back to normal duties as though nothing had happened.
Is it reasonable for his wife, his brother Kadar Ibrahim in his mid-thirties, and his children to be arrested? Jiyan Fattah is still detained without any resource to the law, and is suffering ill-treatment in prison and is not able to see her family, as is Kadar Ibrahim.
It seems that the police commander in Hassaka province wants to prove that there was no deal by making these arrests.
21 July 2010.