Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Escalation of Turkish attacks on the Kurds in Dortyol

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

DORTYOL, Turkey, -- A Turkish chauvinist group known as ‘ülkücü’ attacked the office of pro-Kurdish BDP party in Dortyol and set it fire on. The attackers also destroyed 50 Kurdish shops and restaurants in front of Turkish Police forces standing and doing nothing.

Eyewitnesses said that the Turkish chauvinists were chanting slogans like “death to Kurds” and they were searching for the Kurds to kill in the town. The Turkish racist groups not only attacking the shops but also their owners. After destroying the shops they waited until the owner came and they attacked him as well. It is reported that a 20-year old Kurdish youth was injured by fire arms. Father of one of the injured Yunus Hanas (20) said “the aim is to banish the Kurds from Dortyol.”

It is reported that almost 50 shops run by Kurds were attacked 24 of which have completely were burnt down. The situation reminds people of ‘Istanbul Pogrom’ of 1955 in which shops belonged to Christians were attacked, pillaged and arson. While dozens of Greeks were killed in the riots of 6-7 September thousands of them had to flee Greece.

Eyewitnesses stated that police is doing nothing but watching the crowd to attack the Kurds. Turkish Police is not defending the Kurds against the chauvinist attacks and in fact were happy to see the performance of anti-Kurdish sentiments.

Due to the failure of Turkish security forces to protect the Kurds against the chauvinists attacks the Kurds had to defend themselves as they have done in the past. However, the police used tear gas against the clashing groups and some have been injured.

It is reported that the Kurds also gathered and marched in the neighbourhood where they live and chanted pro- PKK and pro-Ocalan slogans.