Monday, July 19, 2010

400 NGO’s gathered in Diyarbakýr

Monday, July 19 2010

ANF 18.07.2010- The civil society organizations in Kurdistan came together in Diyarbakýr for an end to the increasing operations and for the peaceful solution of the Kurdish issue. The meeting at Diyarbakýr Sümerpark Reception Hall is participated by 400 non-governmental organization from Batman, Þýrnak, Bitlis, Van, Muþ, Hakkâri, Siirt, Urfa, Mardin, Dersim, Elazýð, Bingöl and Malatya. Representatives of the organizations will discuss proposals for the solution of the Kurdish issue and publish a notice at the end of the meeting.
At his speech at the beginning of the meeting, Diyarbakýr Bar President M.Emin Aktar said; “With each clash and death news, we are all losing something from our humanity.”

Remarking that the Kurdish issue is brought to agenda only with clash and death news, Aktar stated that with the clashes in new period, public institutions see the Kurdish issue as a security problem. Aktar said; “The Politics Foundation is locked up about producing solution and a military language has been dominating.”

Pointing out that the government, the opposition and other public institutions are getting alienated from the solution point of the Kurdish issue and turned back to the security problem perception in 1990’s, Aktar added; “The Kurdish issue is in fact a justice problem. The solution of the problem is impossible without discussing all source respects and finding a solution matching with the common conscience of the society.”

After Aktar’s speech, the meeting went on closed to the press.