Friday, July 23, 2010

16 year-old Kurdish youth charged with 45-year imprisonment

Friday, July 23 2010
güncelANF - 16-year old Mazlum Ihlamur is in custody since he was arrested at a demonstration on 8 March 2009. He is charged with 45-year imprisonment within the scope of the case against Kurdistan Democratic Confederation, KCK. The father Hamit Ihlamur said one of his sons is at the army doing his compulsory military service and another one is wanted because of a pro-Kurdish demonstration he took part in. And 16-year old Mazlum. He is already in prison.
Mazlum was detained on 8 March 2009 in Diyarbakir at the World Women’s Day demonstration. After he was interrogated for 24 hours by the police the judge sent him to the prison together with 8 others. The father says there was no evidence against Mazlum. However, the police made him sign a confession under duress.

Mazlum’s father said that Mazlum was not only beaten up in the police custody but also subjected to psychological pressure. He also said that before this time police have interrogated Mazlum and asked him to be an informant working for the police. Mazlum refused to spy on his friends which caused him to be subjected to a harsher treatment. .

The father also stated that the conditions in the prison are poor and the food given to the prisoners is not hygienic. Because of the petitions in which the families were complaining about the prison conditions the prisoners were give disciplinary punishment and are no longer allowed to visit him in the prison.

The children suffering various diseases are not treated but given pain killers. And when the minor prisoners protested against these conditions they are charged with attempting a ‘rebellion’ in the prison.

Mazlum is charged with 45 years imprisonment and the charged because of prison rebellion is not known yet. He was transferred to Diyarbakir D Type prison after he turned 18.

The father Hamit Ihlamur reminds that there 4 thousand Kurdish children and youth who are in Turkish prisons.