Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We are the mothers, you are the killer!

uesday, May 25 2010

Saturday Mothers were on Galatasaray Square for 269th time and addressed the AKP administration; “We are the mothers of guerilla, soldier and miner who had been killed, you are the killer.”
Hanife Yildiz, a mother of one of the missing, made a speech at the meeting, blamed the government because of deaths of soldiers, guerillas and miners by saying; “We are the mothers, you are the killers. We have been waiting for 15 years to find out the fate of our missing. How long do we need to wait?”

The meeting, under a banner stating ‘Missings certain, where are the perpetrators”, was dedicated to Cemal Karabayir, who disappeared in 1980 when he was 24 year-old, and Servet Ipek, Ikram Ipek and Seyithan Yolur who were taken into custody by soldiers before they disappeared.

Cemal Karabayir’s mother Fatma Karabayır, delivered a speech at the meeting: “Find our sons, fathers, husbands, friends and relatives, beloved ones and punish those responsible. We have been waiting for justice for a long time.”

Disappeared Fehim Tosun’s widow Hanim Tosun also addressed the meeting and asked the AKP administration to end this pain which thousands of people have shared.

Dancer Zeynep Tanbay spoke on behalf of Ipek and Yolur families: “There was evidence and witnesses about the Ipek brothers and Yolur’s taken into custody. Nothing has been done since then. Now Ipek Family will take the case to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). And we ask for justice to try Major Osman Duman, lieutenant colonel Turgut Arpi, lieutenant Sahap Yarali, sergeant major Sukru Gunlukcu and General Yavuz Erturk due to uncovered the disappearances of Ipek brothers and Yolur.