Saturday, May 1, 2010

Turkish Army suffered a heavy blow

Within the framework of self-defence the Kurdish Defence Forces (HPG) responded to the string of offensive operations carried out by the Turkish Army with the aim of eradicating the Kurdish resistance movement.

In response to Turkish military operations the Kurdish Defence Forces (HPG) attacked a military outpost in eastern Turkey and killed four soldiers, officials said on Saturday.

Commander of the outpost, which is located near Nazimiye town in Tunceli province, was also among the four soldiers. Seven other soldiers were wounded in the overnight attack and two of them are in serious condition.

Authorities said members of PKK staged the attack on the military post at midnight, adding that clash between soldiers and the freedom fighters continued until dawn. Turkish military has sent large number of soldiers and helicopters to the region to hunt down the Kurdish Forces, authorities said.

The Kurdistan Worker Party (PKK) declared unilateral ceasefire in March 2009 and protracted it four times and called on Turkey to negotiate for a democratic solution to the Kurdish issue. The PKK also sent two peaces groups to Turkey to push through the jammed political procedures. But the Turkish Authorities are adamant in their classical policies of the denial and the eradication of the Kurds. Within that framework they have continued military operations in Kurdistan and as the result of that they suffered a heavy blow in Saturday 1 May.

The Kurdistan Worker Party (PKK) was founded in 1973 as the result of the continuous and systematic oppressions and the denial of the Kurdish nation by the occupying powers of Kurdistan. The PKK took up arm in 1984 since all the possible political and diplomatic means applied for 11 years in between 1973-84 proved exhausted. The PKK however declared its first unilateral ceasefire in 1993 since it believed the arm struggle hit its targets. Since 1993 to date the PKK has declared unilateral ceasefires in 6 different occasions and called upon Ankara to solve the Kurdish problem in a peaceful democratic procedure.

Despite the facts that the PKK has declared 6 unilateral ceasefires and also it sent peace groups in two different occasions yet the PKK is considered as a 'terrorist' organization by Ankara and the US. It also continues to be on the blacklist in EU despite the court ruling, which overturned the decision to place the Kurdish freedom movement on the EU's terror list “By labelling PKK as a terrorist organisation, the EU and the US are giving the Turkey a green light to target its civilians. They give the Turkish government a free hand to do what it will, a mother of Kurdish martyr said”.

It should be noted that after 1954, apart from the Korean war, 1949-52 and the invasion of Cyprus, 1974, the Turkish Army operations have continued to be exclusively against the Kurds.

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