Monday, May 17, 2010

Thousands salute Human Shield campaign against armed operation of TSK in Amed

DIHA- Thousands have saluted the Human Shield campaign in Diyarbakir against armed operation of TSK.Thousands have marched against armed operation of Turkish Army Forces or TSK in Diyarbakir. The Peace and Democracy Party BDP have held the Human Shield campaign due to protest and stop the armed operations in Turkey.
Managers and deputies of BDP, Democratic Society Congress or DTK managers and intellectuals also took part in the demonstration.

Human Shield campaign is going to be launched tomorrow in Lice district of Diyarbakir. Beginning of the campaign, 30 thousands of Kurds and supporters of human shield campaign have gathered on the street and speak out against armed operation.

The common point of speakers was the only way to end the war is firstly to stop the operations.

Deputies of BDP accompanied by long convoy will depart tomorrow in front of BDP Diyarbakir Branch Building at 10:00 hours.

Human shield was brought on the agenda of Turkey since the army operations of TSK are getting increase. And BDP had announced that the campaign of Human Shield against the operations in the Region was going to start.

Initiative of Human Shield, established in Diyarbakir, had made a press release to express the goals of the action as follows: To stop the operations, to contribute to create the peaceful environment, to prevent ecologic destruction and to stop new deaths.

It would be helpful to repeat other experiments as human shield in Turkey:

There was two the other Human Shield actions in 2004 and 2005 to stop the operations on Gabar, Cudi and Cirav Mountains and lasted one year even though all kinds of obstructions from soldiers and governments. First human shield action was began with 35 people from different leftist parties. Activists had been arrested on September 4 and released 4 days after. Then other team for 25 people departed from Istanbul and met other 15 human shields in Siirt. They were also arrested and spent 25 days in prison. There were other groups including between 15 and 20 activists also supported the action for Human Shields by being Human Shield and arrested. Even though these preventions Human Shields groups continued to go to the operation are for a year. There was the biggest Human Shield group for 750 people composed in Diyarbakir but they were also prevented like others.

Following the preventions and barricades against Human Shield actions, there was new action in 2005. 1062 Kurds, Turks, Arabic, Circassia and German had involved in human shield action on 30 March, 2005. Germans were deported, 98 of them arrested, 77 of them were banned from entering the operation area. The group cannot over the barricades and they made a decision to meet other side of the front. 222 Human Shields as part of Brigade for Peace and Freedom had met on Qandil Mountains and created Medya Defense Zone on November 27, 2005. Ali Simsek is one of them and he participated in PKK’s armed force HPG. He lost his life on 23 June, 2006 during a conflict against TSK. Ali Simsek was the one who lost his life during peace struggle as human shield.