Saturday, May 15, 2010

The shock continues & leaves us asking what will happen next?

By Mufid Abdulla

What our nation needs is a change; a breath of fresh air which will bring a new sense of hope and a leadership which is actually prepared to communicate with the mass of the people. A week has now passed since the inhumane killing of Sardasht Osman, an event which has left the world of journalism in shock as well as the general public both in the south of Kurdistan and around the world and what communication have we had from our leadership? Absolutely nothing! This is not about firing accusations, it is about common courtesy, respect and acknowledgement of what has happened. We are left waiting, wondering what the KRG is doing about investigating this murder, and what we need is for them to come forward and inform people what is being doing about this atrocity; the people have a right to know.

The KRG should be very aware of just how close to people’s hearts this situation is, otherwise they are in danger of facing an uprising or revolution similar to that of the Paris Commune, which is clearly evidence of the power the mass of the people hold. It is the urban people of the cities, the intellectuals, professionals and city dwellers who can start such a prolific event. From this point let us note how equally important it is to reach the people living in the countryside too. The Opposition Movement in the south of kurdistan has not yet had the resources to reach these areas and this must now be their focus. It is now time to focus on organisation and strategies to reach supporters across the whole of the south of Kurdistan so that everyone has an equal voice and real change can therefore occur. We only have to look at other examples of democracies across Europe and let it be noted, many of these countries have spoken about the atrocity at the centre of our minds at present.

So what now? It is clear that the KRG have handled the situation wrongly and we are not in the business of dwelling on this, what we need is to take positive steps forward and fast. What we want is for a full investigation to take place of which we are kept in detail, and for Sardasht Osman to receive the justice he so rightly deserves. We will not forget this and will not rest until the correct action occurs.