Monday, May 17, 2010

Sherko Bekas Eulogy to five Executed Kurdish Prisoners

Execution and death … are the medallions and awards that are given to the Kurdish youth and intellectuals; they are known for these and distinguished by such awards!

These awards or medallions are the last ones that tyrants carve on their victims’ chests…

They presume this is how they can silence, terrorize and make the Kurds retreat a step back…

And we too, from our end, take those [medallions] and hang them on our necks; we with our enlightening pens extinguish their darkness and write:

For us such deaths are the beginnings of new lives and [it is] on your gallows that we stay honoured and more upright…

On our side of the boarders, the terrorists [kill] “Soran Mame Heme”… and “Serdesht Osman”… and on the other, does the axe of the Islamic Republic [fall]…

Both of these forces meet at a place called death and darkness …

In reality, we are the life itself and our youth are our unending future …

Well! Tell me, from the east to the west, from the heaven to the earth, on all of these lands

From the ancient times till now… what was the affect of your gallows to mute our laud cries for freedom or to kill struggle our spirits?

Could those gallows scare Shaho?

Were they able to turn the lakes of Van or Urmia into a barren dessert?

Have they made Mount Pire Magroon kneel?

Those gallows have always had unintended ends: Our caravan has become longer…

Our voices clearer; our population grows faster, and our forces are getting stronger …

The gallows are scared…frightened of the Kurds…

We still exist and the gallows are the constant losers…

The Islamic Republic of Execution

Has grown old and old


we are still alive, ready, and warm

The Islamic Republic of Execution

is going down in its venality

as we climb on the highest peaks


extend our arms to the sun to welcome into our midst…

It was today; this very morning

when the biggest street in Sine was renamed after Ferzad Kemangir

It was today; this very morning

when the greatest park in Mehabad was renamed after Shirin Elem Holi

With today’s dawn,

every newborn was renamed after “Ferhad Wekili”…

Today, with the first rays of the sunshine,

Mehdi Islamiyan’s name was eternized as is the lake of Van

With today’s dawn…

Ali Hayderian is the [new] equestrian statue of Kermanshah…

Go ahead and kill the city of Sine,

behead the city of Mehabad…

Go ahead and bar our kids from birth

Go ahead… and

stop the rain, prevent the grass from growing, and deprive earth from living!

From now on,

I am captivated by the Eyes of Shirin Elem Holi

From this day onward,

I will turn my poetry and my lyrics and songs into flowers

to describe Shirin’s loftiness

I am a tiny hair from her ponytail

I am her fingernail …

From now on,

I am the last pair of her shoes that she wore and went on the gallows with them

I am those bracelets that Shirin has left behind…

The Islamic Republic of Execution

what is left there that you haven’t sent on the gallows, not executed,

from the dreams to poetry

and from poetry to Woman and from Woman to bread


from water to flower and to spring

The Islamic Republic of Execution


what it was never and never able to behead is

the future and freedom

Sherko Bikes, 5/9/2010