Sunday, May 23, 2010

Persian Settlements in East Kurdistan

According to Firat News Agency the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are buying lands nearby Kurdish cities to create settlements in these areas for Persians in order to modify the population composition of East Kurdistan. Iranian Revolutionary Guard owns 80 per cent of Iran and the hanging of imprisoned 4 members of PJAK (The Free Life Party of Kurdistan) is somehow also connected to this.

According to local sources, Iranian Revolutionary Guards bought some lands in Sine City of East Kurdistan and resettled Persians from Tehran, Şiraz and Esfehan.

In the last two years there has been a visible increase in the number of resettled Persians in Sine city, whose 90 per cent population is made up by Kurds and Sunni sects. It is believed that a special plan has been put in place so to change the demographic composition in Sine.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards obtained the bigger part of Iran economy when Mahmud Ahmedinecad was in power. The lands bought by Revolution Guards are said to be allocated to Persian members for free.

A similar thing was previously seen also in Urmiye city. In order to deepen the contradictions between Kurds and Azerbaijanis, the demographic composition had been changed by resettling Azerbaijanis with Şia sect who were coming especially from Tebriz.

The dominant states on Kurdistan always implemented policies to make the Kurdish land ending up under control of Turks, Arabs and Persians. The policy of buying land and changing the demography is one adopted by many states.

The Turkish state had also tried the same policy in North Kurdistan. Saddam Hussein regime had carried out massacre in South Kurdistan to change the demography there. And the demographic composition of the city of Kerkük has been changed by implementing this policy.