Thursday, May 20, 2010

Parents of detained Kurdish students not aware of their whereabouts

Merivan- Eastern Kurdistan: Security forces arrested 15 Kurd students in Merivan after protests in Eastern Kurdistan (Iran) following the 9 May execution of five Kurdish activists.

Twelve of the students were later released on bail, but three - identified as Tofiq Partouyi, Dana Lenj Abadi and Aram Veisi - are still jailed.

According to reports, when their families went to the Merivan Intelligence Agency, they were threatened by officials and told that they had no right to follow up on the cases for another 15 days.

Similarly, there is no news of the welfare of a 15-year-old boy arrested by intelligence agents in Sanandaj during Kurdish strikes on 13 May. Witnesses say Eunice Sheikh Ahmadi was beaten violently in public while being arrested. His family's constant pursuit of his condition has been without result so far