Sunday, May 23, 2010

Öcalan: If I withdraw from the process ‘Democratic Autonomy’ may be declared

Kurdish Info 23.05.2010- In his weekly meeting with lawyers PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan stated that the declarance of ‘Democratic Autonomy’ may come into question.
In the case that he withdraws from the process, Öcalan indicated that the People’s Confederation of Kurdistan (KCK) could take responsibility and say that ‘we are declaring Democratic Autonomy.’ ‘There are similar examples in Abkhazia, Kosovo and Chechnya. There is no need to look any further than Cyprus, which the Turks and Turkey know very well,’ he added.

Öcalan went on to say, ‘I have been struggling for (a deep-rooted solution for) 18 years. A historical and rooted problem such as this cannot be addressed with a few compromises. Reconciliation can be attained with principles, not by making compromises. A permanent and lasting resolution can only be made with principles.’

‘I’m saying to the AKP government and the Prime Minister; by not lowering the election threshold and gaining a few more seats in Parliament, what are you trying to achieve! If you don’t solve this problem you will only last another three months. The earth under your feet is sliding. As you can see Kiliçdaroğlu (the new CHP Leader) is coming. I’m saying to the Prime Minister; if you don’t solve it Kiliçdaroğlu will. For 8 years I have done many favours for you, but you have not been appreciative. Thousands, in fact tens of thousands of guerrillas have been waiting at their posts, hungry and in the open in their respects for me. Their ceasefire and passive position developed with my influence. I am aware of this. I used all my power for peace, for dialogue and for a resolution. I struggled so that even one soldier would not die. I wrote letters on many occasions. I developed many suggestions and proposals. However not one of them was taken into consideration. This is in effect your last chance. We are in a new period, there is a new process.’

‘The most important things are the human rights clause, the democracy clause and the security clause. A negotiation is important for the security clause, without it the process will not develop. Due to its scope and content, the security clause surpasses the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP). The framework for the BDP’s negotiation is evident. The security clause cannot be discussed without the KCK. The KCK is a legitimate democratic organisation. Without the KCK’s and my contributions the security clause cannot be carried out. There are thousands, tens of thousands of guerrillas. What will happen to them, where will they come together, what kind of transition process will there be? There are five thousand inmates in prisons. There are tens of thousands of refugees in Europe and thousands that are politically banned. It is not clear where the guerrillas will leave their weapons when the time comes to do so. It is not clear how thousands of people will return to social and political life. All these things have to be discussed and solved in detail. At this point the KCK must step in and become part of the process. Naturally they must be ready regarding these issues. They will then correspond with me. Without all this there will not be a permanent and lasting solution.’

‘We are ready. If a permanent resolution is desired they can negotiate with Kandil. However this will be difficult on many fronts. These are serious issues. The Interior Minister (Beşir Atalay) can create the channels for dialogue. Besides they (the Turkish state) are forming a public security under secretariat. They can mobilise through this under secretariat. This security under secretariat can coordinate the security clause negotiations from the government’s side.’

‘I am not using my withdrawal as a tactic. I am willing to reconsider my stance and am ready to postpone it for a period of time. However I want seriousness. I want to see decisiveness. I want to see willpower. What will happen if I withdraw from the process? Three things will happen: Firstly the State could attack the PKK heavily and severely damage if not defeat them, in which case the State and government will be responsible for this.’

‘What could the second possible outcome be? Secondly the KCK could step in and take responsibility. Murat Karayilan and Duran Kalkan have already made statements and called this a new process. They could say, ‘we are taking responsibility for the political, social, economic and cultural wellbeing of our people and declaring Democratic Autonomy.’ There are many similar examples all around the world; in Abkhazia, Kosovo and Chechnya. There is no need to look any further than Cyprus, which the Turks and Turkey know very well. This possible outcome is the KCK’s responsibility; it is something they will know best.’

‘Then there is the third outcome. Thirdly the war could carry on and continue at a balance. In any case they (the PKK) are saying that if a solution does not develop then a medium intensity conflict may be on the cards.’

Commenting on Kemal Kiliçdaroğlu becoming the Leader of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) Öcalan said, ‘Kiliçdaroğlu may bring change and novelty, the democratic update of Kemalism could be implemented.’

Regarding the developments in Iran Öcalan said, ‘I share the pain of the families whose children have been executed. I send my regards to our People who are resisting. A dialogue and negotiation process could start with Iran, but the Iranian administration is difficult, a negotiation will be complicated.’