Thursday, May 20, 2010

Norway protests against the executions in Iran

In a bloody Sunday Iran executed five Kurdish activists in Evin-prison in the capital, Tehran. The executions were carried out in a critical time in the celebration of the election in 2009.

Norway condemns the terrible executions of the five Kurdish activists that took place in Iran on a Sunday morning, "said Norwegian State Secretary Gry Larsen.The executions are contrary to basic national and international legal principles that Iran has committed itself to follow. The case of the five Kurdish activists was characterized by widespread use of torture, prolonged isolation and summary trials, and the executions carried out without the national laws, and this will say that Iran didn’t have any reason or any evidence to put these innocent people on death penalty.

Soon the execution of the five Kurdish activists came shortly after a number of people who got sentenced to death for participating in demonstrations against the elections in 2009. Trials of several of these have been conducted as a mass trial, without adequate legal assistance for defendants, and evidence has been deficient. The defendant is convicted on the basis of allegations of participation in organizations that are working against the regime, to cooperate with the country's enemies "and to be called" the enemies of God. "

-The lack of litigation including lack of evidence and silly descriptions of what they are prosecuted and convicted for, contributes to unpredictability and fear for the country's population. Sunday's executions, just ahead of the commemoration of the anniversary of the disputed presidential election evokes a big concern for the situation to other activists, "said Larsen.Norway have a statement from the European Union condemning the executions. Secretary, Bjørn T. Grydeland condemned the executions, when he met the newly appointed Iranian ambassador in Norway earlier this week.