Thursday, May 20, 2010

New wall in Hakkari?

ANF 20.05.2010- The border of Kurdistan is living an intense military mobilization nowadays. While East Kurdistan and guerrilla areas are being watched from the sky, it has been said that hundreds of workers are putting up a wall at Şemdinli and Başkale borders.
In Hakkari the border area between East and South Kurdistan (Iran and Iraq) in Şemdinli this mobilization is something quite heavy. According to the information from the border area, a heavy number of troops at Ketine Channel is constantly watching East Kurdistan with newest technological systems. It has been explained that thousand of soldiers are doing constant operations at Baklaya, Govend and Çarçela Mountains where Derecik, Ortaklar and Aktütün (Bezele) Mountains are.

It has been stated that detector explorations are being made on the paths and mountains. Village guards in the region are said to be attending the operations.

It is also stated that Mergesor area at the back of Dağlıca (Oramar), Kanicenge and Derecik areas at the back of Aktütün and Xakurke at the back of Ortaklar are being watched and monitored.

Additionally, one more report stated that a wall is being put up on the border line between Hakkari-Şemdinli and Van-Başkale. Tens of bulldozers and workers are said to be taking position to start working.

It has also been recorded that numbers of vehicles and tanks have been transferred to the military troops at the border line between Dağlıca area of Hakkari, Yüksekova and East Kurdistan.