Monday, May 17, 2010

Letters to Ferhat Wekili from his childeren

16.05.2010-Ferhat Wekili was hanged in Evin prison last Sunday. He had three children. The kids had written their last letter to him in March..
Ferhat Wekili was one of the prisoners hanged last Sunday in Evin prison, in Tehran. Along with his friends Şirin Elem Huli, Ferzad Kemanger, Eli Heyderiyan he was tried in a PKK-PJAK case. Political prisoner Mehdi Eslamıyan from Belluci was also hanged with them.

Ferhad was born in the city of Sine, East Kurdistan. He had 3 children; Hengame, Hewram and Hewraz. The kids last wrote to their father on 13 March 2010 for the forthcoming Newroz (Kurdish new year) celebration.

In the letter the children write: “Dear Dad, now the silence dominates our city but we unfortunately can’t find any awaken conscience to listen to the silence of our hearts. Nobody listens to the elegy and lament of the children who are kept away from their fathers and nobody asks the reason of this silence".

The letter goes on like this : "Lovely Dad, without you the sun won’t be warming up the earth and the moon won’t be lightening well. I watch the stars in the sky and think if you also have the chance to look at them from the prison. Dad, do you now see our freedom and happiness stars? Who will answer if we ask why a father is kept in prison and held away from his children?"

The poignant letter ends with a heartbreaking question: "The sleepless people of this city! We are asking you what our crime is. What did we do to have an anguished life at such a young age? What is the crime and who is the criminal?"