Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kurdish journalists letter to Ms Clinton regarding murders of journalist

  • Kurdish journalists
  • 14/05/2010

To: The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton, United States Secretary of State

From: A group of journalists in Iraqi Kurdistan

Subject: Request for action

Date: May 11, 2010

We are extremely concerned by the targeted killing of the Kurdish journalist student Sardasht Osman in Iraqi Kurdistan. On May 4th, 2010, he was kidnapped from school, Salahudin University in Erbil, by a group of armed men, and on May 6th, 2010, his body was found in the suburbs of the Mosul province, bearing wounds of torture and gun shots in the head. The episode is a major and dangerous breach on the freedom of press and Iraqi democracy, which has cost thousands of Iraqi and American lives, especially as your government is preparing a major drawdown of American troops in Iraq.

The independent press in Iraqi Kurdistan has become a target of undo pressure by the ruling parties. In the summer of 2008, Soran Mama Hama was the target of a ruthless killing. Unfortunately, many other journalists are continuously harassed, threatened, physically attacked and verbally abused. These incidents are extensively documented by numerous international organizations, including Reporters without Borders and Human Rights Watch.

The stability and security of Iraq is an important interest of your administration. It must be realized that such illegal breaches on the press, especially, the recent abduction and killing of Sardasht Osman, constitute a major threat to the stability of Kurdistan region, which is an important part of Iraq. Our region was largely neglected by the former administration in Washington, so we, as independent journalists, appeal to you to intervene and put an end to the pressure on the free press in Iraqi Kurdistan.


Ahmad Mira, Editor-in-Chief of Lvin magazine

Kamal Rauf, Editor-in-Chief of Hawlati newspaper

Asos Hardi, Editor-in-Chief of Awene newspaper

Dana Asaad, editor of Niqash and Awene newspaper

Khabat Nawzad, AKNEWS reporter in Halabja

Alan Daudey, Editor, Radio Curdonia Holland

Soran Pallani, freelance journalist

Halgurd Samad, Lvin editor

Masud Abdulkhaliq, Editor-in-Chief of Standard Magazine

Ibrahim Ali, Lvin magazine editor

Sarwar Salar Chuchani, freelance journalist

Kamal Chomani, freelance journalist

Saya Fars Editor inchief of Yaktaparsi

Dlshad Hartali, Islampaik editor

Salam Karim Ali

Sabah Ali Qaraman, freelance journalist

Nasih Abdulrahim, freelance journalist

Dyari Mohammad, journalist

Hiwa Abdulla, journalist

Rebin Fatah, editor of Rojname newspaper

Baram Subhi, Karkuk Awene correspondent

Mahmud Yasin Kurdi, Lvin Magazine

Koshan Zamani, editor in Union newspaper

Qadr Nadr, freelance and independent writer and journalist

Soran Umar, Editor-in-chief of REGA magazine

Shankar Abdulla, editor in REGA magazine

Abdulla Hwayyiz, Union Newspaper

Dahen Hashm, KNN satellite Channel

Haval Nazhad, Standard columnist

Farman Rashad, Reporter in Standard newspaper

Mustafa Muhammad, Kurdistani New

Hemn Fareed, columnist and freelance journalist

Salm Hama Khan, reporter for Radio Nawa and Aso newspaper

Sherko Jalal, columnist

Bakhtyar Sayid

Shwan Muhammad, Awene newspaper

Kazhaw Jamal, Hawlati editor

HemnMamand, Awene reporter

Diyar Azizi Sharif, freelance journalist

Hemn Baqr, Deputy Editor-in-chief of Lvin

Kamaran Muhammad, Fshar editor

Hazhar Anwar

Awara Hamid, Sbeiy reporter

Mariwan Mala Hasan, KNN reporter

Burhan Qadir, Hawlati editor

Saman Basharati, KNN reporter

Salah Mazin, writer

Nahro Alayi, Editor-in-Chief of Ashtinama

Almas Muhammad



Niyaz Abdulla, Editor-in-Chief of Warvin Magazine

Nizar Gzali, Awene editor

Rasul Sultani

Shawqi Kanabi, Chief Report of KNN in Erbil

Zaniyar Asa’ad

Isa Khdir, Awene and Chawyxelk reporter in Hawler

Hangaw Hashim

Sarkhel Hashim

Shamar Akrawi

Lanja Abdulla

Hemnin Karim Mamrash

Avan Faris Jaf

Farhad Mala Hasan

Farman Sadiq

Saman Faruq

Wrya Baqr

Farhad Hirani

Namo Abdulla, Editor-in-Chief, Hawler Tribune

Nabaz Goran, Editor-in-Chief, Jeehan Magazine

Bryar Namiq, KNN reporter

Baram Subhi, Awene reporter in Kirkuk

Sirwan Husen

Ara Ibrahim

Soran Ahmad

Mheden Najmadin

Koral Hama Nuri

Hersh Abdulrahman

Adnan Kochar

Faraydun Hama Rashid

Hemn Amin Shwani

Rezhin Ibrahim


Hisham Akreyi