Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kurdish and Iranian relations at critical stage

The relation between Kurds and the Iranian regime has reached a critical stage. So critical in fact that after this stage Iran will either adopt a policy of democratic compromise with Kurdish people or the split will be deepened. Because of the genocidial policies of Iran we have reached a point where Kurdish people’s anger and the foresight that this anger will cause a riot that cannot be unpreventable make the former possibility (i.e. a democratic compromise) hardly to happen.

As for the relation between Kurds and the Iranian state, clearly a new process will begin after events such as those on the 9th of May (when 5 political detainees were executed), and those that had happened three days before (when 5 PJAK guerrillas were poisoned as a result of an action in Kirmansah region organized by Iranian armed forces). The beginning of the process will be most possibly very tense and skirmish. It can be translated the attacks of Iran into that “Fight against with me, if you don’t I will fight with you.”

The Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK), the vanguard movement of Kurdish freedom struggle in East Kurdistan, had held a conference and determined the struggle strategy for the future. PJAK has called for a democratic solution of Kurdish question. Briefly, it declared a rising in the struggle in East Kurdistan and Iran. Iran, most probably finding that declaration of ‘the determination through rising the struggle’ disturbing, has started a countermove. Iran has responded to the conference by murdering 4 PJAK detainees and by giving the message of “No to political and democratic solution; Yes to war”.

Against the PJAK conference that will accelerate the freedom struggle in East Kurdistan (Iran) has switched on the policy of deterrence and coercion. It is expected that these coercions will be increased. It will not be surprising that they will execute 4 more detainees. At the moment there is no information about 4 PJAK detainees. It is a matter of time before the detainees including Zeyneb Celaliyan are executed unless a huge reaction will become a reality. The Iranian regime that uses the executions for putting the opposition under pressure undertook a new policy with the executions on 9th of May. In Iran executions can only happen on Wednesdays. For the first time in Iran’s history political detainees were executed in another day of the week, on Sunday, the Mother Day. The Iranian Foreign Minister Manucer Muttei met Abdullah Gul and other officials two days ago. After their meeting, it was declared that the PKK issue was on the agenda. Needing to make a gesture to Iran, breaking with a tradition, executed the political detainees not on Wednesday but on Sunday.

Undoubtedly, on the ground of this policy lies the current and enlarging relations with Turkey. Iran has compelled with the global force prominence of USA. Iran has been performing a policy of ‘expanding of field’ against that of USA’s ‘besiege the purlieu’. Iran has partially succeeded in Iraq. The USA have occupied Iraq with the aim of ‘besieging the purlieu’ of Iran also made it possible to be a ‘junior’ Iran in Iraq. In the field of Iraq, struggle has entered a new stage but now on every one is waiting for Turkey’s position. USA is obviously trying to keep Turkey in its side against Iran. Iran, obviously does not wish seeing Turkey on the side of USA. Turkey, at this point, is in a bargain by pursuing each side’s needs. Turkey tries to use this opportunity against Kurds even not calculating to be at a situation in which it has to make a ‘choice’. In other words, Iran would be in good relations with Turkey if it attacked much more to Kurds. USA, how much forces PKK, it will take Turkey through its side. Therefore, Kurds are the victim of the equation of USA, Iran and Turkey. The expressions of this policy are the diplomatic works and intelligent cooperation between USA -Turkey and Iran’s policy of execution. 
Here is a wrong calculation. Turkey cannot be on both sides forever. After this stage, Turkey will have to choose its side. But taking place with one side will obviously mean losing the other side’s support, which will cause that Kurdish struggle, will strengthen on that area. And that will be in problem is Turkey at that point. Iran oppresses Kurds for repulsing international pressure in the area and creates a self laceration. Any execution of any Kurd is Kurdish struggle against Iran regime.