Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kongra-Gell condemns Turkish and Iranian joint attacks

KONGRA-GEL Chairman Dr. Remzi Kartal, condemns the air attack, organized by the Turkish army with harsh language. Kartal said, "The attacks of Turkish and Iranian states are against all gains of Kurdish people. To frustrate all of these attacks the Kurdish forces and our people must fight within the national unity, "he said.

Turkey and Iran responded the KCK’s and Abdullah Ocalan’s peace call with a joint operation and bombardments. “It’s clear that the answer to the peace attempts is war" Kartal said.

Dr. Kartal also said that the anti-Kurdish state formed by the Turkey, Iran and Syria can’t get any results through oppression and war policies "These states will be the losers," he said.

Kartal also said that it’s important that the government of federated Kurdistan Region protest against the Turkish and Iranian attacks. "This attitude must be maintained in a stable manner. This is the common demand of all the Kurdish people, "he said.

The head of Kongra-Gel called also the international public opinion not to remain silent against the Turkey, Iran and Syria and their state policy of extermination of the Kurds.