Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Journalists and political prisoners face death in Iran

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  • Press Gazette-By Fazel Hawramy
    • 25/05/2010

Press Gazette British Press Awards international journalist of the year Muhamad Sediq Kaboudvand remains in jail in Iran despite failing health. Journalists are among dozens of political prisoners facing imminent threat of execution in Iran.

Here documentary film-maker Fazel Hawramy writes about the plight of journalists and other political prisoners in Iran and urges the UK media to take note of their plight.

I have been asked to write 500 words about the plight of Kurdish political prisoners in Iran. The truth is I need 5,000 words only to describe the pain I felt when I listened to the wailing of Farzad Kamangar's mother when she realised her son, a teacher and a journalist, had been executed by the Islamic Republic of Iran on 9 May in Tehran alongside three other young men and a young woman.

Their lawyers and families were not present when they were executed. Indeed neither Farzad nor the other four - Shirin Alam-Holi, Farhad Vakili, Mehdi Eslamian and Ali Heidarian – were aware that they were going to be hanged.

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Journalists and political prisoners face death in Iran