Monday, May 17, 2010

Iranian Army Attacks Kurdish Villages

The Defence Forces of Eastern Kurdistan (HRK), military arm of the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) had carried out responsive attacks in the ‘Week of Struggle and Freedom’. Four Iranian Revolutionary Guards were killed.

According to the statement released by the HRK Press Communication Centre, last Saturday at midday two Iranian revolutionary guards’ vehicles were ambushed in Hewraman. Clashes lasted three minute and as a result four Iranian Revolutionary Guards were killed and three Kalashnikovs were taken by the Kurdish guerrillas. It was also reported that HRK suffered no losses. After the clashes the Iranian army began an armed operation in the region.

On the other hand, the Iranian army is deploying soldiers and arms to the Kurdish region. Operations are being prepared in Şaho and Dalaho regions while mobile police stations have been set up in Zehaw region. Soldiers have been deployed in the previously emptied police stations. Deployment of soldiers and arms were also made in Şaho, Kosellan, Hewraman and Meriwan regions. In the villages Awayi Gerdenu and İmam Eli people were forced into carrying guns and act as village guards.


The Iranian army has been bombing Xinere area which is under guerrilla control and the Iranian helicopters are making surveillance flights over the region.

Yesterday evening it has been reported that the Iranian army has carried out mortar attacks on Xinere and Qendil regions. The bombs have hit a house in the village of Meredo. A woman named Güle Abdullah and two girls have been injured. Furthermore, many people in other villages are reported to have been injured. While Qendil region is being bombed by Iranian army for the seven past days, the military activity at the East Kurdistan border have been escalated.