Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hebibullah Letifi at imminent risk of execution

Sine- Eastern Kurdistan: Kurdish student Mr. Hebibullah Letifi is at imminent risk of execution.

Two weeks ago a committee of crisis was set up by the Iranian Intelligence Service as well as the Interior Minster for the implementation of Mr. Letifi’s execution.

Once the revelation slipped out of Sine’s prison where Mr. Letifi is held his solicitor announced that his client is at imminent risk of execution.

Hebibullah Letifi was born in the city of Sine in 21 March 1981. He is member of Ecologic Assembly of Shaho and was arrested in 23 October 2007. Following his arrest he had been held in solitary confinement in Sine Detention where he has been subjected to intensive tortures.

Mr. Letifi was trialled in 30 August 2008 in a superficial court headed by the judge Hesen Babaii. His trail only lasted few seconds and he had no solicitors and the attendance of his family was not allowed. He was convicted of acting against the national security and was sentenced to death.