Saturday, May 15, 2010

Farzad, Ali, Farhad, Shirin, and Mehdi, your dream is alive!

  • By Hataw Sarkawt
    • 15/05/2010 00:00:00

In the name of the compassionate and merciful god the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) hanged another five Kurdish activists. Like other non-conforming Kurds, the five activists were charged with separatism, terrorism, and being the enemies of god.

They were charged with separatism for feeling separated form those who have protected linguistic, cultural, and educational rights in Iran. They were charged with terrorism for using their pen against the state terror, arrests, torture, and murder. They were charged with being the enemies of god for questioning how a god could discriminate people based on their ethnicity.

Each year the Islamic regime has become stronger. After the hostage taking, Americans made secret deals with Iran directly via their own agents or indirectly via European agents and companies. IRI perceived this as a reward for violent behavior. Soon IRI arrested and killed members of various groups inside the country, attacked and bombed Kurdistan, and sent its agents all over the world to assassinate its opposition leaders. They were sure nothing could stop them.

Not being able to neutralize IRI as the root of terrorism for the past three decades, the previous US administration violently invaded two rival countries of the Islamic Republic, This in return legitimized IRA to gain sympathy for its anti-western rhetoric and to become the winner of the political games in the Middle East. Handicapped by the consequences of the wars, the current US administration used a soft and rewarding tone that was music to the ears of the IRI leaders, who claim to run the country democratically.

IRI claims to be a democratic country and serving the poor and the minorities including the women. Unfortunately the international community naively buys this claim because of the worse situation in some neighboring Islamic countries. Even UN bought this claim and recently put Islamic regime on the commission for women’s right, despite the very discriminatory treatment of the women in Iran.

IRI leaders progressively have become confident that they are there to stay. It was no surprise that they ruthlessly and brutally suppressed an internal green peaceful revolt. To terrorize the people that there is no tolerance for any opposition, IRA turned to Kurdistan again and arrested and killed many human right activists including the recent five who were hanged in public. The victims were guilty by default and could not prove innocent being the enemy of a discriminating god in Islamic Republic.

Some might argue that IRI crimes were carried out by the most conservative right wing religious fascists of the Islamic Republic. While this is partially true, without silence and ignorance of the so called reformists these and many other past crimes under the Islamic rule might not have happened.

The five recent victims of IRI crimes, Farzad, Ali, Farhad, Shirin, and Mehdi did not die in vain. Their dream is alive and hopefully will become the flame of a fire in Kurdistan that could burn the root of fascism in Iran.

Even if the majority of people in Iran are not ready for a real change, the majority of the people in Kurdistan are very much ready. They need the support of not only the reformists and the progressive Iranian but also the international community to fulfill their dream. It is time to overcome the fear of disintegration of Iran and support the people in Kurdistan to obtain their inalienable rights, even if it means separation for the Islamic Republic. A free Kurdistan will remain the best friend for all other Iranian people who are eager to build a united free federation for all Iranians after the collapse of the Islamic Republic.