Sunday, May 16, 2010

Execution of five Kurds was long signalled by the US

Kardo Bokani

In the dawn of Sunday 9th May the Iranian regime added another crime to the atrocities they have committed against humanity and particularly to the Kurdish nation, whom they have sought to eradicate throughout history. In the dawn of Mother Day, five Kurdish mothers were gifted with the death news of their beloved who dedicated their lives to promote democracy and a peaceful co-existence life for the various nations of the region. In the dawn of the Mother Day five lives were demanded to cease but they started to begin; five journeys were dictated to end but they were set in motion. In the dawn of Mother Day five Kurds were executed but it was the execution that was hanged by the will of our patriot compassionate freedom-loving activists. The Kurdish nation will always remember them for they opened five thousands doors over the path of Kurdish resistance movement, they paved five thousands steps toward the Kurdish freedom and they inspired five thousands new assimilated Kurds who had forgotten how oppressed they are!

Of course there are different views and arguments for these barbaric and inhuman acts which are committed constantly and endlessly against the stateless oppressed Kurds. Each argument I would say that carry some weights and could be interpreted in a different way. Some people have argued that this execution was carried out few days before the anniversary of the Iranian rigged election in which Ahmedinejad led a coup and usurped the power from his election rival. By this execution the Iranian regime sent a signal to the Iranian nations that they are not prepared to put up with any dissenting voice raised out of the Iranian public. This is not a bad argument and is mainly put forward by the Green Movement that has led the Iranian opposition to Ahmadinejad regime. Nonetheless, it seems that the Green Movement seek to impute any dissenting voice within Iran to itself and it would undermine the multiplicity of the dissenting voices that have been raised by various Iranian nations; the Green Movement has not only failed to encompass the needs and the requirements of all the Iranian nations including the Kurds, but it has also failed to address the issue of women and the gender inequalities they have suffered from. This is while the Green Movement have had female martyr such as Neda Agh Sultan.

The second argument claims that the execution of five Kurdish most loving patriots was the consequence of the Turkish and Iranian pact that was reached after the visits of Iranian Foreign Minster and the head of the Iranian Parliament to Turkey. This argument seems to be more appealing than the first one and the analysis of the Turkish and Iranian cooperation throughout history would shed light on this conclusion. Turkish and Iranian anti-Kurdish policies are evident; both states are adamant in their classical policies or mentality so to speak and they have concurrently implemented “denial and annihilation” policies against the Kurds. Iran seeks to attract and engage Turkey into the Iranian-Syrian alliances against Kurdish resistance movement and by doing so Iran tries to discourage Turkey from engaging in American-Syrian alliances. Since both Turkey and Iran regards the Kurds as their mutual enemy, they feel free to target the Kurds to solidify their alliances and express their dedications toward their mutual end which is the termination of Kurdish resistance movement. The execution of five Kurds in the dawn of Mother Day could be regarded as an Iranian incentive to the Turkish Authority not to engage in American-Syrian alliance and to cooperate with the Iranian regime in the oppression of the Kurds.

Having looked at these aforementioned arguments which up to some extent sound valid, I would argue that the execution of five most dedicated compassionate beings in the history of the Kurds who had their lives set up on the pursuit of the Kurdish noble cause, was long signalled by the US and particularly by Obama’s administration. Here I would have to mention that four of the executed were members of the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) which emerged in 2004 as the result of the constant and endless suppression of the Kurds in the Eastern Kurdistan. Provided the Kurds were able to enjoy a free life, equal to the various nations of the Middle East there was no need for the establishment of PJAK and I would strongly argue that this movement would not have existed if the Kurds had a free life. Therefore PJAK emerged as the manifestation of the Kurdish demanding, Kurdish needs and requirements in the Eastern Kurdistan. Nonetheless the Free Life Party of Kurdistan was labelled as terrorist by the US Treasury in 4th February 2008. And by doing this the US had given a signal to the Iranian regime to do whatever they want against the Kurds and they can justify their crimes under charge of “terrorism” so to speak.

By blacklisting the Kurdish resistance movement the US administration had given a free hand to the Iranian theocratic regime to commit such vicious acts and do charge the Kurdish human rights and political activists as terrorist. The Iranian regime claimed that Ferzad Kemangir was a terrorist who was caught while he was detonating a bomb... this is ridiculous claim, a pure lie that should be objected with the strongest possible manner... a quick search about the life and the work of Ferzad Kemangir, a Kurdish teacher who dedicated his life for his nation will reveal the truth. But now the Iranian government feel free to act with impunity against the long-oppressed Kurds, they were given a green light by the US in 4th February 2008, and they might even execute more Kurds under the charge of “terrorism”. By labelling the Kurdish resistance movement spearheaded by Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) as terrorist organisation, the US empowered the Iranian totalitarian regime to escalate the scale of violence they employ against the long-oppressed Kurdish nation. This is time for the US administration to re-evaluate their policies and do understand what they have done against the Kurds to appease Ahmadinejad’s government. Enough is enough... the disaster of Algerian Pact from which the Kurds yet have not mended is enough... the illegal and immoral abduction of Kurdish national leader Mr. Abdullah Ocalan from Kenya is enough... labelling the Kurdish resistance movement as terrorist is enough.... Execution of five most precious freedom loving Kurdish intellectual is enough.....

Kardo Bokani