Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do they realize how stupid that sounds?

Monday, 24 May 2010

Negar Enayati

The Iranian Priest Board has again committed barbaric acts against the Kurdish people: Execution of five political activists and human rights activists in Tehran Sunday 9 May. Four of them were Kurds, one a Baloch. Just after, five members of PJAK were poisoned by the regime in the Dalaho Mountains. (PJAK is the party for a free life in Kurdistan.) The execution of the political activists, who has worked peacefully to promote peace and democracy in Iran violates the human rights convention which Iran itself has signed!

Farzad Kemanger was a teacher, Shirin Alem Hoyi fought for equality for everyone in Iran Farhad Wekili was father for three children, Eli Heyderyan was only an innocent student and Mehdi Islamiyan was a political activist who fought for democracy for everyone. They were by no means armed persons, only innocent civilians who wanted to make Iran a better place. In Iran, both human rights fighters and those who are fighting for democracy and equality, branded as either armed people, or ’’enemies of God’’. It also applies to the female activist Zeineb Jalaliyan and another student Kedri Husein, who have received death penalty. The Iranian court says they are ‘’Enemy’s of God’’, and they can be executed at any time. Enemy’s of God? Do they realize how stupid that sounds?

The Western powers close their eyes from the barbaric actions that Iran has committed and still committing to this day. The Western Powers put the most emphasis on their own economic interests, and to strengthen the political position towards Iran. Many western states have gone a step further and punched us belong to the Kurdish resistance movement as terrorists. With this the West has given Kurdistan occupiers free hands to commit further horrible crimes against the Kurdish nation. PJAK (Free Life Party of Kurdistan) requires that all those who have committed such acts must be arrested and made for an international court. Kurdish demands for a free and democratic life is every person's daily life, freedom of speech and each individual's rights.

PJAK condemns the execution of five political activists and the poisoning of the five PJAKs guerrillas. We make martyrs our promise to follow their path on the way to a peaceful, democratic solution till the Kurdish question is achieved.

Negar Enayati is member of the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK), and city council member in Oslo, Norway and member of the Red Party