Friday, April 30, 2010

  • Erol ÖNDEROĞLU-The family of killed Baran Tursun is tried for raising against the court during the law suit filed related to the death of their son and brother. Tursun's parents and his sister are facing prison sentence. The case was postponed to 9 July to hear eight witnesses of the defence.

    Berrin Tursun, mother of Baran Tursun who was killed with a police bullet in 2007, his father Mehmet Tursun and the victim's sister Şelale Tursun stand trial at the Karşıkaya (Izmir) 3rd Criminal Court of First Instance.

    They are facing imprisonment of up to ten years under charges of "influencing an official of the judiciary", "threat" and "insult". Reason for the accusations is their reaction against a court decision in the case related to the death of their son and brother. The case was postponed to July in order to hear eight further witnesses presented by the defence.

    The Ministry of Justice refused to issue permission for a trial under article 301 of the Turkish Criminal Code (TCK) under charges of "Insulting the state, the judiciary, the military and the Police forces". Thus, the case was launched under the above mentioned allegations.
    Eight witnesses to be heard

    Family lawyer Nezahat Paşa Bayraktar talked to bianet after the hearing on 27 April. He said that he had evaluated camera records, television footage and police records by an expert for the hearing on Tuesday. In the coming hearing, it will be the turn to hear the witnesses of the defence, Bayraktar said.

    20-year-old Baran Tursun was killed by the police on 25 November 2007 in his car when he allegedly ignored the police's stop warning. Tursun's family showed a strong reaction when defendant police officer Oral Emre Atar was released pending trial on 14 January 2008. His mother, Berrin Tursun, rose against the court's decision and his father had stated that he did not trust the judiciary and broke a pen after the hearing.
    Second case: Mother faces 41 months in prison

    The Karşıkaya 1st High Criminal Court decreed for imprisonment of 25 months for defendant Atar by reason of "causing death by negligence of duty". He had been released pending trial after the first hearing of the case. Tursun's mother, who protested the court's decision for release, is facing imprisonment of 41 months on the other hand as requested by the prosecutor in the hearing on the previous day (26 April).

    Besides the family members, representatives of the Human Rights Association (İHD) and member of other non-governmental organizations stand accused in this law suit. The case will be continued on 17 May. (EÖ/VK)

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