Monday, April 12, 2010

Turkey: Kurdish leader attacked by some fascist Turks

Turkey- Samsun: The Kurdish leader of the banned Democratic Society Party (DTP), Ahmet Turk, was attacked by some fascist Turks in front of the Turkish police standing beside. The assailants punched Mr. Ahmed Turk on Monday as he represented a press statement outside a courtroom in Samsun.
Mr. Turk on Monday represented a press statement in front of the court where a trial regarding the incidents in the Bulanık district of Muş on Dec. 15, 2009 that left two people dead was taking place. Two fascist Turkish men attacked him as he read the statement, punching him in the face and bombarding him with the offensive and vulgar remarks.
Mr. Turk was badly injured and was bleeding seriously. He was taken to hospital after the attack and after all he was detained by police.
Ahmed Turk was the co-leader of the banned Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP), the only Kurdish party who had 22 parliamentarians as well as 99 municipalities. But despite all these popular supports the DTP was closed down due to its alleged link to the Kurdistan Worker Party (PKK)