Friday, April 9, 2010

Singer Chopy dreams of freedom for Kurds

Rudaw - The biggest dream of the Kurdish singer Chopy is the ‘freedom for other parts of Kurdistan’, referring to the autonomy in the Kurdistan region in Iraq, Kurds in other countries do not have.

She says that she is willing to perform for free in Kurdish cities like Van, Diyarbakir and Cizir, in the Kurdish parts of Turkey.

Chopy is accused by Kurds for supporting one Kurdish political party over the other. “When I went to Medya TV and Roj TV, they said that I was a PKK supporter [Kurdistan Workers Party lead by Ocalan]. But when they found out my father was a Peshmerga that worked for the KDP [Kurdistan Democratic Party lead by Massoud Barzani], they said I was a KDP member. But when I married with someone who is family of Jalal Talabani, they said immediately that I was for the PUK [Patriotic Union of Kurdistan lead by Talabani].”

But she rejected these labels. “I am a Kurdish artist and a greater Kurdistan is my country. I attach great important to my experiences in the Kurdistan Region, but the liberation of other parts of great Kurdistan is my biggest dream.”

Soon Chopy will release a new album, with six songs in the Kurdish Sorani dialect and two songs in the Kurdish dialect of Kurmanci.

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