Friday, April 30, 2010

  • Calling Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Ocalan as Mr. Ocalan cost seven years nine months imprisonment for 9 people.
    Diyarbakir 6th Criminal Court sentenced nine people to seven years nine months in prison for addressing Abdullah Ocalan, Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) leader, as Mr. Ocalan. Sentenced people had signed the petition which says “I’m committing crime if saying Mr. for Abdullah Ocalan is considered as criminal by laws”. The mentioned petition was part of campaign to protest punishments of people for addressing Ocalan as Mr. The campaign is being lasted since 2008. The signers of the petition symbolically turned themselves in for saying Mr. for Abdullah Ocalan.

    Bahri Erdem, Musata Kurt, Süleyman Bakýr, Haydo Özalp, Nedim Biçer, Eyüp Sar, Garip Kandemir, Alim Çiftçi and Ahmet Güneþ who applied to the Diyarbakir Prosecution of the Republic due to present the signed informing petition, convicted seven years nine months imprisonment on the grounds that being member of organization and making propaganda for organization.
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