Friday, April 9, 2010

Ranyia: Police officers transferred to Sulaimani on suspicious of voting Gorran, local media
By Mohammed Ali

London ( 06 April 2010: Members of the police force were transferred to the City of Sulemani from the town of Raniya due to their suspected support for an opposition group, Gorran or Change, reported online Kurdish internet site on Tuesday.

On 05 April 2010, the Police Directorate of the city of Ranyia ordered to transfer all police officers, who were suspected of voting for the Gorran List (Change), in the election of 07 March 2010, to the another office, the Directorate Detention and Detainees’ Transportation of Sulaimani, according to local media that reported in Kurdish. On 06 April 2010, stated, the police officers were taken to the branch eight (Melbendi 8) of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and were requested to abandon their sympathy to Gorran (Change Movement). The police officers rejected the request.

One of the police officer informed, “They were told to be transferred to the Directorate of Detention and Detainees’ Transportation of Sulaimani due to their allegiance for Gorran”. The police officer, who wishes to stay anonymous, states to the source that “After rejecting their request, we were taken to the branch eight of PUK of the city of Ranyia to abandon our loyalty for Gorran, however, we rejected that request”.

It is extremely worrying for a party (PUK) which claims to be a democratic force, and at the same time penalise the police officers for casting their votes for another list, not that of PUK. The consequence of this decision is not predicted by the politicians of the region, because low-waged police officers cannot support themselves and their families if they live away form their place of residence.

In most of the countries, post-elections would lead to more prosperity of the people and more stability of the region. Unfortunately, the status of Kurdistan region and Iraq is quite opposite, the concept of freedom of expression and equal citizenship yet to be achieved.

While extensive talks and meetings are being held by the Kurdistan leadership for a Kurdistan front to be represented in Baghdad, the police officers are paying the price of thinking differently from the mainstream political parties. In this case, the ironic and hypocrisy have reached their peak.