Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PJAK’s Leader sent a Letter to Ban Ki-Moon

Rehman Haci Ahmedi the leader of the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) sent a letter to Ban Ki-Moon the General Secretary of the United Nations, urging for the withdrawal of the death sentences given to the political prisoners in Iran.

On Wednesday 18th April Mr. Ahmedi sent a letter to Ban Ki-Moon high lighting the human right abuses in Iran and in Kurdistan. He also put an emphasis on the cases of Hussein Xizri, Zeyneb Celalyan, and Shirin Alem Holoo, who are the imminent risk of execution.

The letter was attached with thousands of signatures collected in Kurdistan and among the Kurdish Diaspora urging for the freedom of political prisoners. The letter is as follow:

Your Excellency: The General Secretary of The United Nations

Mr. Ban Ki-Moon

All the Iranian nations continuously suffer from the severe violations of human rights, including the increased use of death penalty, growing numbers of arbitrarily arrest, escalating degree of discrimination and a notable increase in intolerance of expression of identity by the various Iranian nations including the Kurdish nation. A set of discriminatory policies in economic, political, cultural, social and religious lives have resulted in widespread injustices in the country and the addictive drugs, which I can claim that are distributed under the supervision of the current Iranian Regime among the youths who are the major potential of each society, have culminated into a life-threatening point. What is striking is that a day will not go on without arrest of a political or a human right activist; tortures and persecutions have become a commonplace exercise in the Iranian’s prisons and very sadly the country has become a mass prison of 75 million people. All these tragic situations should not be overlooked or victimised for the sake of the economic or political interests of a certain group.

Dear Mr. Ban Ki-Moon; The Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) was emerged as the result of all these repressions, atrocities, persecutions, and the injustices that the Iranian nations have been subjected to. PJAK advocates a free ecological-democratic society with gender equality for all the Iranian nations. As opposed to what PJAK has been accused of, it does not hold separatist tendencies; in fact, to avoid the potential civil war, PJAK has put forward a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue within the framework of a border-free democratic confederation without any change to the current Iranian borders.

On 4th February 2009 however, PJAK was blacklisted by the US Treasury due to its self-defence policies against the atrocities of the Iranian regime. PJAK however does not believe in military activities but when the Iranian Authorities are continually committing crimes against humanity, when they do execute our supporters who work peacefully among our people, PJAK does avail of the legitimate right of self-defence as mentioned in Article 51 of the United Nation Charter and would defend itself against such offensives. Provided we had an opportunity to carry out our political, social and cultural works within the Iranian borders without the fears of arbitrary arrest and subsequent execution; or if the United Nations would guarantee us for carrying out our political, diplomatic, social and cultural works within the Iranian borders without being arrested, imprisoned and executed, then we would have restored to laws and the legal procedures instead of arms. Furthermore if there was an institution or an authority within the United Nations where the denied and the oppressed nations could settle their issues and achieve their rights within the legal frameworks, there was no need for any one to take up arms!

Dear Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, The General Secretary of the United Nations; currently 65 political activists in the Iranian prisons have been sentenced to death and are waiting for their executions; I would like to draw your attention particularly to the case of Shirin Alem-Holi, Zeyneb Celalyan and Hussein Khezri whose execution are imminent; I would appeal to your assistance for the withdrawal of their death sentences or their possible freedom.

Thousands of signatures requesting your support for their release are enclosed.

Your Sincerely;

Rehman Haji Ahmedi

The General Secretary of the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK)

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