Tuesday, April 20, 2010

London demonstration 17 April 2010 – Kurds and Arabs stand together with British people

Support Kurds in Syria

Members of Amnesty International rallied human rights activists in many countries on Saturday 17 April 2010, to mark the 64th anniversary of the Syrian independence with protests about the imprisonment of human rights defenders. In London about 125 people gathered in front of the Syrian Embassy with pictures and pleas for the release of a cross-section of people who are suffering in detention in Syria for their beliefs. The following photos speak for themselves, and show a peaceful demonstration where Kurds and Arabs stood side by side with British people together in a common cause.




Ellis Brooks – the main co-ordinator of this London demonstration and member of Amnesty International – wrote a letter appealing for the release of these people that was signed by some of the people attending the demonstration and taken to the Embassy. No-one answered the door and so the letter was posted through the letterbox, with a request that it be handed to the Ambassador for passing on to the President of Syria.