Saturday, April 24, 2010

Letter to Swedish Government – please accept Hooshang Osei


To the Swedish Immigration Directorate

To whom it may concern

We, the undersigned organizations and personalities, we hope that you would show concern for the request of the Syrian Kurdish writer, poet and journalist Hooshang Osei (real name: Abdul-Aziz Mohammed Osei) submitted to the Swedish consulate in Istanbul on 11/2/2010, under No. 11 479 966, with a view of obtaining residency in the Kingdom of Sweden. The writer Hooshang Osei is one of the Syrian Kurds that are deprived of their citizenship, and are denied their political, cultural and civil rights. He was forced to flee to Turkey after exposure to the Syrian security investigations, and was threatened with arrest if he did not stop his political writings criticising the Syrian, Turkish, and Iranian authorities.

He is now registered with the Office of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Ankara, as a political refugee.

However, the Turkish Interior Ministry refused to grant him a temporary resident status pending his resettlement to a third country by the High Commission.

Thus, Hooshang Osei’s life is in danger. And he is exposed to a real risk of persecution by the Syrian government. Especially that Syria and Turkey security relations are very close. And upon it, we hope you speed up the procedure for granting the right of residence for Hooshang Osei, as quickly as possible, and dealing with his case as very special, and urgent.

Please accept our sincere thanks

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