Saturday, April 3, 2010

Iranian Forces shot another Kurd dead

Saturday, 03 April 2010
Eastern Kurdistan: in the city of Muhabad a 29 years old Kurdish man was shot dead by the Iranian Forces and another Kurd was tortured to death in the city of Xane.

According to the report on Friday morning at 8 am while the residents of Muhabad were heading out to the national fest of “Sezdebeder”, the Iranian Military Forces marked the day with the blood of the Kurds. The victim of this time was a 29 years old father of a little girl.

The report said that Celal Amini known as Celal Mine Beri a Kurdish worker from the city of Muhabad along with his wife and 5 years old daughter headed out for the national fest of “Sezdebeder” while he was shot. According to the report while he was driving through a check point, which is common in the militarised Kurdistan, the military forces demanded him to stop. Since Mr. Amini was previously sentenced to prison he did not stop his car and as the result of that the Military Forces opened fires on his car. Somehow Mr. Amini managed to escape from the scene and drove to his house.

The Iranian Military Forces chased him all the way down to his house and set a siege on his place to disable him from escaping again. Mr. Amini came out of his house and faced them in the street; he got shot four times. When his family receives his body back from the Iranian Forces they noticed the traces of twelve bullets mainly on his chest and neck. The report said that when the Military Forces took his body from the scene he was still alive but they tortured him to death and shot him 8 times more.