Monday, April 19, 2010

Iran: Two Kurdish Political Prisoners Dead Under Torture

Urmiye- Eastern Kurdistan: The Iranian Theocratic Regime keeps committing crimes against humanity and the atrocities it carries out against the Kurdish people particularly the Kurdish political prisoners have reached a tragic point. On Sunday 18th April Two Kurdish political prisoners detained in the Urmiye Prison, cell number 9 and 11 were killed under callous and inhuman tortures. According to the news from the Iranian Human Rights Organisation HARANA, a political prisoner named as Irac Xemengiz was tortured to death yesterday morning 18th April. The reason for that has not yet been revealed. When the rest of the detainees heard the news of the death of the fellow prisoner, they launched a protest to condemn the killing. To silence and suppress the protest, a team of Special Forces headed by Akber Peshrew was deployed in the prison yard and as the result of that a clash between the prisoners and the Special Forces occurred. The clash of the prisoners with the Special Forces caused in another death; Mr Safeyedin Ehyazade was killed as the result of a blow of the baton of the Iranian Forces which hit his head.