Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Family dies at sea – stateless Kurds hoping to escape the persecution in Syria


A report has been released from DAD, MAD and al-Rased that about two and a half months ago a ship carrying Kurds from Syria sank in the waters around Greece killing a family and others. The family were being smuggled to Europe by sea using fishing boats, but the boat sank killing the mother and father and four children, and the mother was seven months pregnant at the time. The bodies of the parents and one of the girls were found, and kept in Greece. They have not been released to the family yet. The family were ajanib (stateless) In the following is a list of names of those deceased from photographs available to us:
The father – Mohammad Sidique Bali, aged 35 and ajanib The mother – Fawzia Abbas Yusuf, aged 27, a citizen – who was seven months pregnant Children:
Arya, she was 9 years
Aylam, she was 7 years
Ibrahim, he was 4 years
Olin, he was two and a half . There had been no news of the family for almost two and a half months, but we have recently learned that smugglers were taking the family from Istanbul to Greece and to the bereaved family of the city, The family is from Deyrik, in north-eastern SyriaAn appeal to humanitarian organizations: The Kurdish Organization for the Defence of Human Rights and Public Freedoms in Syria – DAD, the Human Rights Organization in Syria – MAF and the Kurdish Committee for Human Rights in Syria al-Rased call upon the Greek government to take the legal and moral responsibility for conducting a transparent investigation into this tragedy that has left seven victims dead. We call for this investigation to identify the cause of the deaths, and to prosecute those responsible.. We also ask that the bodies of those victims who are ‘stateless’, and the mother who was not stateless, to be returned to Syria as they are Kurds from that country. We offer our condolences to the grief-stricken family of these victims. We call for there to be a study of migration, putting the emphasis on those specialists who profit from smuggling people abroad, and to bring all possible international legal deterrents to prevent further tragedies. We also call upon the Syrian authorities and the international community to find an expeditious solution to the problem of stateless Kurds, whose lives are a multi-dimensional humanitarian catastrophies.
Kurdish Organization for Defending Human Rights and Public Freedoms in Syria (DAD).
Human Rights Organization in Syria – MAF -
Kurdish Committee for Human Rights – Media Watch