Friday, February 26, 2010

Who controls Kurdistan?


By Rebwar Karim Wali

Until we get closer to the date of election the conflict and struggle between patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and Change list grows in the areas where PUK is dominant.

Despite the incidents happening in Sulemany city, if you look at the whole area of Sulemany governorate you feel that conflict between PUK and Change list increases. It brings memories back of the civil war of 1992. When I was in Ranya, which is a district belong to Sulemany, then I realized that we have an election coming. You don’t see much electoral campaigning in Erbil.

In my last article I wrote that the situation is Erbil and Duhok is very calm. But I believe that Kurdistan Democratic Party KDP tries to work on collection votes calmly and without fighting of posters and banners. What I have seen in the areas belonging to Sulemany such as Ranya, Chwar Qurna and other places I saw look like doomsday. Flags raised on each house. The civil war between PUK and KDP, is now similar to the conflict between PUK and Gorran. Everywhere you can see flags of PUK and Gorran, while the KDP is silent.

Every evening cars of the Change list flow into the streets, though most of them are young people. I can say change list has spent the same amount as both KDP and PUK on buying flags and banners even sometimes you can find them on the ground.

Other parties stand on the side and look to the conflict between PUK and Gorran silently. Economical and social conditions of the areas belonging to Sulemany are very suitable with such a kind of conflict. When you talk to the people of the areas you realize why people have returned back to the situation of 1992. A friend of mine told me that most of the people there do not have anything to loose, and this situation is a chance for them.

In fact there is an area called the area under the control and domination of PUK, but this election will make it clear the area will remain under the control of PUK or not.

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