Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tensions in Sulemaniyah grow


Sulemaniyah - Tuesday evening there were tensions again in the city of Sulemaniyah. The PUK accuses that supporters of the Kurdish opposition group Gorran began with shooting, while Gorran (Change list) accuses anti-terror units of the PUK fired shots at Gorran-supporters.

Change list movement spokesman Muhammed Tofiq Rahim said that anti-terror units of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), headed by Jalal Talabani, shot at the Gorran supporters, who were hurt. Gorran claims that three of their wounded supporters were kidnapped by unknown men from the hospital.

But an official of the security agency in Slemani says that the unit was not part of the anti-terror unit, but a special unit of the Asayish (security agency). The Kurdish satellite channel Gali Kurdistan, related to the PUK, accused Gorran of shooting.

Until late in the night shots were heard in Sulemaniyah. An investigation has started into the incidents. According to student Shkow Sharif it appeared calm Wednesday night. “It all appears calm tonight in Suleymaniah but the calm is on a knife edge.”

Sulemaniyah is the main power base of the PUK, but the PUK lost many seats to the Kurdish opposition group Gorran, lead by the former PUK-leader Nawshirwan Mustafa. (Photo:

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