Friday, February 19, 2010

Pre-election violence in Kurdistan

FILE - In this Jan. 20, 2010 file photo, an Iraqi man walks ... - By Baqi Barzani

Incessant biased and rabble-rousing articles posted by Michael Rubin indicate his clear loathing to the issue of Kurds and Kurdistan in general. Most of his writings are critical and fault-finding of Kurdish politics and administration in a very unrealistic and unconstructive way.

While, his focal point of focus is on the ongoing corruption, social injustice, fraud, mismanagement and pre-election rivalry among the numerous Kurdish parties and groups in Kurdistan , he is not willing to turn his slightest attention to the other side of coin. All the economic developments, foreign invest opportunities, the burgeoning diplomatic and foreign relationships between KRG and the entire world, the ongoing construction and infrastructure projects are worth to be also taken into account in his misleading ruling.

Lately, he hinted at some violence that evidently took place between the adherents of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Goran List Movement in Sulimania province.

The facts that he is unaware of it either deliberately or due to ignorance is that in every country in which election is held, some violent behavior and some degree of discrepancy does exist on the outcome of election. A very plain instance is the United States presidential election of 2000 between Republican candidate George W. Bush , then-governor of Texas and Democratic candidate Al Gore, then-Vice president. After the announcement of results, the democratic opposition group supporters did not remain silent. Most people believed it was a fraud case. They came up with all sorts of accusations, fraud allegations and demanded even for recount of ballots. This was a lingering debate for quite sometimes.

Do not the diversified participating political parties resort to any means or propagandas in their campaigns to defeat the other candidates? Is not that part of the strategy of every faction? Examples amplify from Israel to USA , from Africa to Middle East .

As far as the intensification of Anti-Americanism an the establishment of Goran Party is cited, First of all, Goran is a blossoming Kurdish political party having emerged as a result of public discontent from the ruling two-party system and the ongoing corruption that one can not deny its existence in Kurdistan mainly due to the lake of management skills and experience. It is being a serious issue but definitely the KRG is aware of it and is being addressed accordingly. The multi-party system is indicative of the fact that Kurdistan is marching toward true democracy. When it comes to our national security and unity, there is no major political or ideological divergence among PUK, KDP, Goran, Communists and Islamists. The Kurds are united in one front and i.e. neutralizing the enemies conspiracies and gaining the majority of the votes for Kurdistan . The general citizens of Kurdistan reserve the rights to vote for, form or dismantle any faction that is not serving in their i

nterest. Democratic reforms, rectifications and ameliorations are underway in Kurdistan . But lets not forget that even the most advanced nations of the world have imperfections and flaws in their systems.