Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kurdish man died under torture in Syria, two others arrested.


February 14, 2010 by sks

Mohammed Musto Rashid

According to Syrian Committee for Human Rights – MAD, Mohammed Musto Rashid from Mabatli, Afrin, died as a result of torture in Aleppo Central prison. He had been in detention for nearly four months, and had been subjected to severe torture, and was taken to hospital in Allepo where he stayed for four days. He was then sent back to prison and his death was announced on 19 January 2010. The reason for his arrest and detention is not known, nor if this was in connection with any political activity.

Zahr al-Din Khorshid Ibish and his brother Rashid, from the town of Afrin, were arrested on 1 January 2010 after a raid on their house by security forces. Zahr al-Din Khorshid Ibish had been detained in Turkey for eight years for allegedly belonging to the PKK. He was handed to the Syrian authorities in 2004, and was then imprisoned for three months. He then moved to live in Lebanon with his brother, where he worked for three years. On return to Syria they were arrested again, but the reasons for the arrest are unknown.

Syrian Committee for Human Rights – MAD is calling for the responsible authorities to investigate the death of Mohammed Musto Rashid, and bring the perpetrators to justice.

We condemn the practice of arrest and detention without judicial orders. We condemn torture used against prisoners and detainees, which has become an increasing practice by the security services without the slightest conscience or regard for the texts of covenants and ethical values in conventions that have been signed by the Syrian government. Syrian Committee for Human Rights – MAD calls for these gross violations of human rights to stop, for the lifting of the State of Emergency and the abolition of martial law in the country, and for the release of prisoners of opinion and expression.

Syrian Committee for Human Rights – MAD

al-Raqqa, 11 February 2010