Friday, February 26, 2010

Former prosecutor: Ban lawyer meetings of Ocalan


CNN Turk - Former public prosecutor Talat Salk, says that the meetings of lawyers with the PKK-leader Abdullah Ocalan should be banned by the authorities.

“I do not understand how it’s possible, that Ocalan gets the possibility from his prison island Imrali to show his opinion. Ocalan doesn’t have the right to lead a political organization from prison,” said Salk, who earlier demanded the death punishment for Ocalan in a conference.

Salk blamed the ruling AKP-government for the alleged influence of the PKK-leader. “The Turkish people hate Ocalan, and the people should do something against the party which makes this possible,” said the nationalist former prosecutor.

He also crtisized the recent return of PKK-members from Qandil and Maxmur, who were released without using the amnesty law. “This was clearly a political decision.”