Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Turkish State and Kurdish Rights* - By Elkan Saladin Kirkling

It is unfortunate that the Kurdish community has to face such injustices in Turkey. It can be seen throughout history that every race and ethnicity can relate to some form of violent action or negative sentiment against itself. Turkey should be a beacon for the world, instead of something for other societies, guilty of the same horrendous acts in their past and/or present to wag their finger towards. With the systematic maltreatment of the Kurds, Turkey is left with a community in need, and an enemy within. Both of these states of existence are financially, as well as sociologically costly for the nation adopting them.

Instead of costly abuse and isolation of the Kurds within its walls, Turkey should look towards a future where the Kurds are integrated, educated, and contributing to Turkish society. All of these considerations are only beneficial to Turkey and are what the Kurds as people want. It costs more to hold trials, and send military and police after a Kurd, than it does to have that same Kurdish man or woman educated, graduated and employed for three times the length of time it may have taken for the nation to pay for their schooling. All this goes without mentioning the infinite value found in such an individual whose thoughts, interests, and pursuits would enrich Turkey itself for a lifetime.